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Our story...and vision.

After maybe one or too many beers, Darren thought it a good idea to get in touch with bassist and composer Laurence Cottle to discuss the idea of making his arrangements available to musicians all over the world who maybe didn't have access to a local big band but wanted to play with many of London's finest musicians. 

Since it's inception in 2019, The Ultimate Big Band Play Along has reached its goal of connecting with musicians from all 4 corners of the globe! 

If you want benefit from this amazing play along series, simply click the instrument play below get access to your free downloads.

Do you play in a Big Band and want to play the track 'Out For The Count?' Email us here to get your copy of the FULL score and parts absolutely FREE!

Want to join The Ultimate Big Band Facebook Group?

Join The Ultimate Big Band members only Facebook group to view, upload and be part of a special group of people from around the world sharing their love of this great art form. Here you can view recordings from other musicians, upload your own version of the different tracks as well as comment, share and learn from other like-minded people. Simply click on the Facebook icon below and request to join The Ultimate Big Band group.

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What's next?

We're working hard to release more material asap and really appreciate your support in helping us to make this a reality. If you have enjoyed the material so far, please like, share and comment on all of the social media platforms.

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